Soffeah continues to expand and discover new dreams and pursue them in creative arts, technology and music.

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Reiki Master Teacher, Los Angeles (CA)

Soffeah was born and raised in Mumbai, India. Like a lot of Indians, she completed her bachelors in engineering and headed to the States in 2006, for well, more engineering! Growing up in a middle-class home, money was unavoidably the most worried and talked about topic. These had eventually morphed into deep-rooted negative beliefs filled with fear, bitterness, resentfulness and just lack of joy and peace.

While working in Chicago, she was handed The Secret movie by an acquaintance that led her to explore and experiment with the basic teachings of the law of attraction. In 2010, after surrendering from several failed attempts to manifest a new job, she landed in the City of Angels for a job that took 20 minutes to clear the interview helping her extend her work visa. Six months later her long-standing relation fell apart and by now it was evident to her that unknowingly or knowingly, she was participating in everything that was happening in her life. Baffled by the heartache, she asked the universe what her participation was? The answer was a life-partner qualities manifestation list she had written up for everything she wanted and those were not even 5 % close to the person that she was dating. A week later, she received guidance from a psychic in Vegas i.e. getting over the break-up trip, to get her chakras cleansed so the energetic cords are dissolved. Her relative suggested her to get attuned to Reiki Level I and do self-healings.

Shortly after her Reiki I attunement, she recognized the abundance of gifts and blessings that life had in store! In August 2012, exactly a year after her first Reiki healing session, she connected the dots and truly started to see and experience a life filled with happiness, joy and empowerment, a feeling and state of mind that she had no idea existed or ever experienced before. She completed her Reiki I & II, sent back Reiki to all life years, learned EFT and meditation programs by Pause in Joy. She manifested an exciting new dream job that till date keeps getting better! And this was just barely scraping the surface.

In October 2012, she was ready to go deeper in Reiki III and right after that, the doors opened up for her unknown love for dance especially Kathak, an Indian Classical dance form. The following year, she started taking lessons in singing. There was no doubt that she had to continue this path of self-discovery and she surrendered to the Reiki Master Teacher attunement in 2014. Two weeks after that, her mother was visiting from India and she had the opportunity to dismantle and re-build this relation in ways unimaginable bringing acceptance, love and connection with her mother to another dimension by attuning her to Reiki. A year later her mother passed away and those ten weeks of her visit in that energetic communion had brought them indescribable karmic resolutions. She realized the potency of this work on a deeper level and knew she had to walk the walk of Dharma and spreading the message for Pause in Joy.

Taking responsibility, surrendering, letting go and connecting with divine Reiki has not only filled her life with enchantment but also profoundly and positively impacted people close to and around her! She is not surprised but fascinated how her pets have been so receptive to Reiki and it continues to evolve their health and personality in a joyful expansion of loving energy. This path has challenged her to overcome her un/known fears and unraveled so many creative gifts for her from dancing, sitar, website designing and the list keeps going on.

Soffeah believes the message and teachings of Pause in JOY is what the world requires right now as only when one begins to recognize and close the gap within themselves for their own JOY can that harmony be reflected in the world outside. She is dedicated to guide and inspire those who are willing to have the courage to embark on this adventure

Soffeah conducts Reiki Sessions, EFT Sessions, Reiki Classes, Pet Reiki and several donation-based online community events. She does distance healing sessions and also travels for classes and workshops. For more information call/text Soffeah at (310)-993-6949 or email her at soffeah@pauseinjoy.com

“Just because you are good at something, doesn’t mean that it is your JOY” – Soffeah K. Sanell